— Digital Marketing Institute in Saket —

Saket has become a center of multi-brand office hub, being a place which is well connected to the other hubs of New Delhi, it best suits for Educational centers and offices, showrooms etc. There are more digital marketing course in Saket

Its connectivity has increased after Delhi Metro was launched, and it became way easier for employees and students to commute. There is some good place in Saket to eat and chill and have some fun time with your friends, also there is the very famous Garden of Five Senses just behind Saket.

Apart from some firms and companies emerged in Saket, it also has an education training center which is grabbing a lot of attention nowadays. It is emerging to be the best institute in Delhi to learn Digital/online marketing. The student testimonials about that institute are making news in-between students. Off course, its competitors are spending a lot in the promotion and google ads but this institute is growing on the basis of user reviews and experience which is becoming their motivation to give more and more to their students.

We all need an Institute who is responsible enough to take students career seriously, and techstack is becoming one of them. So, last Thursday I was in Saket at my friend's office, I went to pick her up because we after her office we were about to Saket mall for shopping. She is a digital marketing executive in a company there, and she studied digital/online marketing at techstack. Her experience of that institute was very nice when I asked about her career and from where did she pursued the course she started talking about how she got to know about techstack till her job.

She took me to techstack, I just wanted to know a little bit about the whole marketing thing and was not really interested in it. We met her teacher and he gave answers to my question and in addition, he showed the complete career path of this field. His name was Akash, and he was very good at his work, he introduced me to the world of today's marketing and also showed me their website, techstack.in. He was a very experienced guy, a graphic designer cum Digital marketing expert, I was impressed by his presentation of marketing.